Do you demonise bureaucracies?

Great typologies metaphors and insights. And then there is the praying mantis bureauculture: lean mean and entirely self serving…

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At the Effectiveness lab, we are acutely aware that organizational architecture (read: structure) impacts the efficiency, effectiveness and ultimately, the overall efficacy of organizations that purport to be in the business of value-creation.

Whether you are in business for money or charitable cause – paying attention to matters ‘value-chain’ is non-negotiable. If the value-chain of your business is sub-optimal – your organization will either not make or leak money. For the not-for-profit entity, there won’t be sufficient positive-impact from programmes.

So, suffice it to say that this blog is relevant reading for all organizations, whatever the purpose

We discuss below one aspect of the effective-organization vitals that has a significant influence on value-creation and ultimately, the effectiveness of organizations – design (architecture)

Organization structure dynamics:

We always ask the question – why does organization ‘A’ choose to organize itself in a manner different from ‘B’? And why does organization…

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Mount Kenya Camping

Mount Kenya Camping.

Giant Lobelia on the Mount Kenya trek

Giant Lobelia on the Mount Kenya trek


Mount Kenya Camping

For Full Details and Pictures Please Visit our Website at

Mount Kenya Camping <> Nanyuki <> Kenya

CALL  (254) 0720761101  EMAIL

At 7,000ft on the equator in the foothills of Mount Kenya.  Bring your own tent or rent a Camping Boma with electricity and water, or a Full Boma with bathroom.  Camp kitchen fully equipped with ovens.  Bar, BBQ and trout pond  Amazing views of the mountain and the Aberdare range.  An ideal place to start trekking, safari, or just to hang out.


24 hours Camping Boma
1/2 people $20 $25
3 People $30 $75
4 People $40 $100
5 People + $10 each $20 each

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